Informatica WebServices

Varaktighet 1 dag

This day course is designed for those who want to use PowerCenter to use Web Services. Want to call external Web Services or provide services from PowerCenter through WebServices this is the course for you.


Both for developers, but also for those who will operate and monitor the platform.

Specifika önskemål

Knowledge of Informatica PowerCenter.


This course will give you a good introduction to the use of Web Services in the Power Center. In the first part of the course will go through WebServices in general, then you will learn how to set up the Power Center to offer WebServices. Part two of the course is on the practical use of PowerCenter as Provider and Consumer.


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

- Web Services Overview
- Anatomy of WSDL and SOAP
- PowerCenter WS Architecture
WebService Provider in Depth
- WebService hub
- Batch WebServices
- Real-Time WebServices
Building Real-Time WebServices
- Creating Mappings
- Creating Workflows
WebServices Consumer
- Source, Target, Midstream
- Cookies, URLs and Reference Ports
- Sessions